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Why Edmonton Residents Love Their Garage Heaters

Garages are like snowflakes. No two are the same. And we don’t just mean the size, shape and design. Garage usage changes with every home and every homeowner. Some use it for its traditional purpose: storing your car. Others are workshops, storage rooms, man caves or games rooms. Most are a combination of these things. And when you start seeing snowflakes, we know you’re going to love having a garage heater.

These space heaters help keep cold garages warm with directed heat. We sell four garage heater products and we have noticed interest in these products growing year by year.

So just why are garage heaters in Edmonton so popular?

Bye Bye Carbon Monoxide

This is one of the most popular reasons people turn to garage heaters. They’re tired of the time it takes to heat up their car on those cold winter mornings. If you’re running late for work, a garage heater can save you a lot of heat at the office by getting you there faster. What’s more is that garage heaters make warming up your car safer by reducing idling time and with it, carbon monoxide build-up that can hazardous or even fatal to your health.

Expanded Living Space, Year-Round

Because they typically feature less insulation and cold, concrete floors, garages are often forgotten about for half the year. Maybe you’ll dart in for a stored item or put on a parka to warm up your car, but generally speaking it is a ghost town. Reclaim that living space and defy Edmonton’s cold winter temperatures with a garage heaters. You’ll have usage of your extra TV room, poker table, second fridge or sewing kit for 12 months a year.

Don’t Limit Your Horticulture Choices

Tired of planting the same cold climate plants every year? A garage heater won’t just keep your family and pets warm, it can also store your tropical plants indoor throughout the winter. This is the beauty of Reznor garage heaters like our UDAP, UDAS, as well as the Cayenne and Carbe garage heaters: the heat can be adjusted based on your usage and what you’re keeping in there. Just above freezing or house temperature, it is your choice!

Furnace Solutions offers four garage heaters to suit your unique needs. And they’re more affordable and energy efficient that you may be thinking. If you’re ready to start loving your garage heater, contact us today.

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