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What Should I Check before Calling for Air Conditioner Service?

Have you noticed your air conditioner isn’t running as usual? After a long winter, the warmer weather is finally upon us! Being buried under snow to now experiencing heat waves can take a toll on us and make us feel like the air conditioning isn’t running as it should.

But don’t panic, these steps may save you on time and money before calling for professional air conditioner service.

Is there electrical power to your house?

You may be surprised to find that your home or your entire neighbourhood is without power, especially as the warmer weather comes and it takes longer to notice. Many air conditioners running in a neighbourhood at peak times can be taxing on the electrical grid as well.

This is a common cause that people miss, resulting in a call for a service technician when they did not need one yet. Avoid the call and the cost altogether by doing a basic check to see that the house and surrounding area are with power.

Have you checked the air filter?

The air filters in your furnace should be replaced regularly. Failing to do so can restrict the air and cause your unit to freeze resulting in little to no air flow through your vents. Get in the habit of routinely changing your filter every 1-3 months so your unit is always in its prime.

Are there batteries in the thermostat?

Again you’re probably asking yourself, "Really?" Better to be sure, if the thermostat display doesn’t light up it’s time to change those batteries!

Has the breaker been tripped?

If your breaker to your HVAC unit has been tripped you can reset the breaker in the breaker box.

Keep in mind that circuit breakers trip for safety reasons, so we caution you only do this once and if it does trip again to call an electrician to resolve the problem.

Have you checked the A/C drain line?

A water safety switch is now found in many A/C units that help prevent a collection of water to interfere with the unit or leak into your precious walls, ceilings and floors.

A quick solution is to check if there is water in a pan under the unit, remove the water from the pan and clear the drain pipe. Your unit may begin to operate again.

Inspect the outside unit

Obvious physical items that are on, in or around the unit should be removed if it could be blocking the airflow through the grille.

It doesn’t have to be large objects though, sometimes dust and dirt layers on the coil and can degrade the cooling of your unit. Give your unit a nice clean on these parts to see if it will jump start a solution for you.

From as easy as replacing batteries to tripping your circuit, these steps may help you from making a premature call for an air conditioner repair that can cost you more of your time and money.

It’s always okay to give your HVAC technician a call with any questions or to visit your unit, especially after you’ve tried these steps!

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