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What gets serviced on an air conditioner?

We know that to maintain optimal function of our air conditioning units there is some level of maintenance required. Perhaps, a good question is why that maintenance is required and what exactly is getting maintained. In this blog I am going to break down the "why" of servicing and the "what" is being serviced.

Why service your air conditioner

Your air conditioner is a machine, and like all machines it becomes worn with use. Build up of materials on your machine will cause faster degradation of parts, meaning that your investment is more short-lived. If you want to gain maximum return on your investment in a great air conditioner, you should be servicing it annually, preferably at the start of air conditioning season.

Another reason why servicing your air conditioning unit is vital is that your energy use will increase as the performance of your unit decreases. A regular maintenance schedule will ensure that your air conditioner is as efficient as possible, keeping your energy costs low. We know that our fellow Edmonton Albertans love good energy savings as much as we do. 

What is being serviced

Air conditioner filters

The most important maintenance task for your air conditioner is to have your filters cleaned or replaced annually. Whether or clean or replace will depend on the unit that you have installed at your home.

The main reasons to replace or clean your filters are:

  • Clogged and dirty filters reduce efficiency and air flow
  • A dirty filter can cost 5-10% more energy to run your air conditioner
  • Dirt may not be cleaned from the air flowing through the air conditioner putting your evaporator coil at risk

Air conditioner coils

Your air conditioner has two coils, the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. While keeping your filters clean is a huge help to give your coils a nice long life, they will still collect dirt over time and require cleaning or replacing. If you do not replace or clean your coils they will reduce air flow, but more importantly, they coils themselves will become insulated.

The trouble with allowing dirt and residue to insulate your coils is that their primary function is to extract or absorb heat. If the coil is insulated its ability to absorb heat from the air is dramatically reduced meaning you are paying to run an air conditioner that is not doing its job.

Coil fins

Each of your coils have small aluminum fins that can become bent in the operation for your air conditioner. When bent these fins can reduce air flow.

Condensate drains

When servicing your air conditioning unit we are also checking your condensate drains to ensure that they are clear and accepting water. When these are blocked your air conditioner can leak and cause unsightly stains on furniture, walls and carpets.


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