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The Three Types of Air Conditioners

Sometimes it’s not until the first night of sticky humidity and scorching temperatures keep us from enjoying a good night’s sleep that many of us start to consider the need for home air conditioning. While we look forward to the favorable climate of our Alberta summers, in Edmonton, air conditioning helps level out the seasonal extremes of warm temperatures outdoors for climate controlled comfort both in our homes as well as our businesses. But before you rush out to purchase a system for your home, it’s important to know what your options are to determine which will both meet your needs and fit your budget.

Single room air conditioners

Recognized as one of the most affordable solutions, a single room air conditioner may be installed as a permanent fixture year round – such as we see in many hotel rooms, or can be installed and removed annually as a window mounted or free-standing unit. While this type of air conditioner represents the most economical solution, perhaps, it is important to remember that this appliance is called "single room" for a reason. While it may have an impact on some of the adjacent corridors and rooms in your home, this unit is designed to cool a single room. So you will want to ensure that this meets your needs or you may find yourself requiring multiple units throughout your home. With these units, due to their portable nature, it is important to seal the space around the unit as best possible to reduce the risk of cold air escaping, causing your air conditioner to consume more energy to perform as expected.


Central air

The inclusion of central air in many modern homes has become an attractive feature that can increase the value of your property on the market. This type of unit uses the existing ductwork in your home to create a cool, comfortable environment throughout your entire home. However, in an older home that may not have the ductwork in place, implementing this solution can start to become costly as installation also requires the creation of ductwork as well, driving up the overall costs by as much as 100%.


Stand Alone Central Air

If you are looking at an air conditioning solution for your older home and need to cool more than a single room, a standalone system may be a good option to consider. Connected to an exterior compressor, this type of air conditioner requires no ducts, and is sometimes called a ductless mini-split. This solution is typically the most expensive of your three options so you may want to explore the pros and cons of all three solutions, including costs, to ensure that you are making the right decision.

If installation of a home air conditioning system is something you’re considering, we invite you to give us a call at Furnace Solutions. We would be glad to help you identify the system that is right for your home and ensure that your Edmonton air conditioning requirements are fully addressed.

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