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How to Optimize your Air Conditioning System

While we celebrate the arrival of summer in Edmonton, we also enjoy the convenience of knowing we can retreat to a climate-controlled environment in our home to stay cool when the temperatures start to reach uncomfortable highs. When we need it, we want to know that instant relief is possible, but it’s also key to our comfort over the long term to ensure that our energy bills don’t skyrocket due to an inefficient system.

What steps can you take to ensure that your air conditioning system is operating as efficiently as possible? There are a number of steps you can take to prepare for the warmer temperatures and rest assured that your air conditioner will deliver the desired results.


The first step is heat prevention

Trying to cool a space that is already uncomfortably warm is a bigger job than starting from a neutral temperature. You can take steps to prevent the rise in interior temperatures in your home with two basic measures. First, install blinds that can be closed to block out the warmth and light of the sun’s rays which heat up your living space. Drawing the blinds especially during the hours when a window is subjected to direct sunlight can have a significant impact on preventing heat from entering your home. Sometimes, a home’s ambient temperature can be attributed to poor attic insulation, and this can often be the cause of uncomfortable ambient temperatures, especially on higher floors in the home.


Routine servicing is key

In Edmonton air conditioner servicing is recommended on an annual basis. Seasonal attention and filter replacement are two important steps in ensuring that any problems can be detected as soon as possible and remedied. While there are a number of elements of the system that you can check yourself, it is generally recommended to have a certified technician look at your air conditioner itself to ensure it’s in top condition.

However, as a homeowner, you can tend to some of the pre-season assessment to get ready to engage your system. If the thermostats in your home are battery-powered, you may also want to replace them as well during the spring, prior to the peak season for your air conditioner. You should also check the outdoor equipment for your central air system to ensure that it is not obstructed by any foliage or debris that may have accumulated in your yard over the winter. You should also make sure that all of your vents are open prior to turning on your air conditioner for the first time.


It’s Important to Remember ...

Most people wait until the summer heat is uncomfortable before they look at installing a new system or testing their existing one. Remember, if you identify any deficiencies or experience a breakdown of your air conditioning system in peak season, you may experience delays in getting someone on site to address the issue. Similarly, it may be difficult to schedule an installation in the middle of summer. Think ahead in the spring to ensure prompt response and get yourself prepared for the summer ahead.

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