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Nest Thermostats Make Scheduling your AC Easy

Thermostat schedules allow you to program the heating and cooling of your home based on the day of the week and time of day. This allows you to customize ideal indoor temperatures depending on your own preferences and family’s schedule. Smart thermostats like those produced by Nest allow you to be precise with your scheduling. Target temperatures can bet for 15 minute intervals to ensure maximum comfort at specific times.

Here are some of the benefits of using heating and cooling scheduling, and also how to use this feature.

Benefits of using a thermostat schedule

Setting a thermostat schedule allows you to stop worrying and stop constantly checking your thermostat. Once it is set, the thermostat will control your heating and cooling to ensure your home reaches the selected temperature. This may also help you end familial fights over the thermostat. Once you pick temperatures and schedules, the arguing is done, and your family can let the thermostat do the work.

Smart thermostats like the Nest E and Nest 3rd Generation can take this one step further. Rarely does anyone live the same schedule every day, let alone every week. A Nest Thermostat won’t simply cycle through your pre-determined schedule, even if you are all out for the night. Instead, it can detect that the home is empty and adjust the temperature accordingly to save energy and money.

How to use a Nest thermostat schedule

The Nest Thermostat offers two scheduling options: basic or auto. On basic, your thermostat's schedule will conform to the national average schedule to maximize efficiency. Basic scheduling seeks to balance energy-savings and comfort. The easy-to-use Nest app can always be used to adjust your basic schedule on your phone or mobile device by tapping “Schedule”. You can also adjust on the thermostat itself by selecting “Schedule” from the menu.

The auto schedule allows you to make changes in the same way, however it is set differently. The auto schedule takes time to learn your habits, desired temperatures and timing to provide a schedule customized to you. This only takes a few days and you’ll have a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Nest makes it easy to have a thermostat scheduled just for you. So whether you work 9 to 5, shift work or from home, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your heating and cooling is keeping you comfortable efficiently.

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