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Nest Protect: Your New Favourite Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

When is the last time you paid attention to your smoke detector? What about your carbon monoxide detector? Our guess is that, unless you have actually had a fire, these (very important) fixtures only cross your mind when the batteries are low and that annoying BEEP BEEP BEEP begins.

Well, at Furnace Solutions we think about home safety a lot, and we have found the ultimate smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in one amazing device: The Nest Protect Wi-Fi Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm. This smart solution will put any concerns you have about your family's safety at ease. Available in both battery operated and wired models, here are few reasons we love the Nest Protect.

Detect Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Most smoke detectors and CO detectors are individual units, but the Nest system detects both. The Nest Protect has a split-spectrum sensor that detects both fast and slow-burning fires, as well as a 10-year CO sensor that will alert you to any toxic CO in your home.

Easy Set Up

Both the battery operated version and the fully wired Nest Protect are very easy to install. Just plug them into power (or put in the batteries), download and open the Nest app on your device and get customizing! Name your Nest Protects (if you have multiple) so that you can distinguish where the issue is coming from, instead of wondering exactly where the alarm is coming from.

Bye Bye Beeps

No one loves that BEEP BEEP BEEP we mentioned earlier, especially if it is caused by nothing more than burnt toast. Not only does Nest communicate with a voice instead of beeps, its smart detection communicates so you will know the difference between a real fire and the possibility of a fire.

The Nest Protect functions on different levels. The first lets you know when there is a slight amount of smoke or rising levels of CO, with a warning that "There's smoke in the kitchen" while flashing yellow. If the smoke is rising and things seem to be getting worse, the system will flash red and talk to you to tell you that the smoke is rising and communicate the exact threat level.

And if there is no real threat, you can use the Nest Protect Hush feature through the Nest app to turn off the alarm.

Always Know What's Happening

Because the Nest app can be installed on any mobile device, if you are ever worried about your house, you can always check in. Your Nest Protect syncs to your app and even lets you see what the temperature is at home, and if there is an alert, it notifies you on your device.

Get Your Nest Protect...Free!

Now, you're probably just as convinced as we are that the Nest Protect is the best device for your family's safety, and feel like you need one. Good news! We are giving away a FREE Nest Protect this month! Enter by LIKING our Facebook Page, LIKING and SHARING this post, and then JOIN OUR MAILING LIST for an additional entry! We will be announcing our winner on August 1, so stay tuned to our social media feeds!

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