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Nest Cam, The Ultimate Outdoor Video Surveillance Tool

At Furnace Solutions we are certainly experts in your heating and cooling needs, but there is more than meets the eye with this team. After being so impressed with the performance of the NEST Learning Thermostat, we decided to dive into their further product portfolio and we continue to be impressed. Of particular interest to our team is the Nest Cam Outdoor. Haven't heard of it? Here is everything you need to know.

Nest Cam Purpose

Ultimately, the Nest Cam is designed to replace the necessity of a home alarm system, allowing the consumer to take their home security into their own hands. Imagine a scenario where someone hops the fence into your backyard, your Nest Cam will alert you that they believe someone is in your backyard. Level of awareness? Optimal.

Knowing is half of the battle, how to you proactively defend your home against potential intruders? Your Nest Cam allows you to speak into your Nest app, scaring off your unwanted backyard visitor and allowing you to quickly eliminate the risk and handle the situation without a cumbersome and expensive wiring of your home for security through the more traditional services route.


High Definition Crime Solving Action

That title may be a little creative, but in reality a quick visit to the Nest website will show you actual footage used to solve burglaries. The thing about the Nest Cam, is that you are able to see high definition footage, this means that the granular footage we're used to is no longer a barrier to justice for you and your family. Nest Cam gives you a clear picture of exactly who is attempting to enter and burglarize your home.


Get Yours... Free!

So now that you know why we are so excited about this product, maybe you'd like to experience it for yourself. We are giving away a Nest Outdoor Cam this month, another small give-back to our client family and we wanted you to be the first to know. Enter by LIKING our Facebook Page, LIKING and SHARING this post, and then JOIN OUR MAILING LIST for an additional entry!. We will be announcing our winner on June 30, so stay tuned to our social media feeds! 

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