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Is it Time to Service my Air Conditioner?

Servicing your air conditioning unit seems silly if it is functioning properly but, experts suggest that regular maintenance check ins will extend your units life and save you money in the long run. Keep your air conditioning unit performing during the times you need it the most by scheduling regular servicing.


Your air conditioner should be properly stored for its winter hibernation. Protecting it from the winter snow is very important to extend the units longevity. After the long snowy months it’s important to have a professional inspect your unit before you turn it back on for the hot summer months.


If your air conditioning unit is not performing at a consistent and reliable rate you should look into getting your air conditioner serviced. Changing temperatures, unknown noises or rattling, or turning itself off and on could all be signs of problems. It may mean that your system is not properly sized, there could be issues with interior icing, or it could be clogged with debris. Your air conditioner shouldn’t have to work so hard to bring the indoor temperature down at a steady rate.


If there are any signs of moisture around your air conditioning unit, you definitely want to call someone to service your air conditioner in Edmonton. This could indicate a leaking A/C system, which is well on its way to breaking down entirely, leaving you without a reliable system to cool your home in the hot Edmonton summer. If you continue to run an air conditioner that is leaking, what could be a small problem now, could quickly spiral out of control and land you in a situation of having to replace your air conditioner!

Remember to set up regular appointments

Even if you aren’t being diligent about having an Edmonton HVAC specialist come to inspect your air conditioner as often as is recommended, you should make sure you set up an appointment before the summer heat hits. The last thing you want is to turn on your air conditioner as the temperature is rising after a long winter off to find out it isn’t working! So, make sure you schedule a service appointment just before summer to be safe!

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