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The Importance of Furnace Maintenance

Let’s face it, there is no ideal time to experience a furnace breakdown. Especially given our winter climate in Edmonton, furnace repair or replacement can be a very stressful predicament, especially when the timeliness of that remedy impacts the safety and comfort of our family. If you have ever experienced it, it may seem that a furnace malfunction occurs at the worst possible time. However, the beat strategy is to be pro-active in your maintenance efforts as a homeowner to reduce your exposure to a costly emergency.

Regular Maintenance is Key

If you use your furnace only for home heating, then an annual inspection and maintenance servicing each fall may be appropriate. For most Edmonton furnaces this is a satisfactory schedule to keep your equipment in top condition. However, if you also use your ductwork for a central air conditioning system, you may want to increase your inspections to twice per year, once in Spring and once in Fall. This schedule ensures that your system is checked before there is high demand on your output to address either the bone chilling cold of winter or the scorching extremes of summer.

Your regularly scheduled maintenance allows you to diagnose any problems earlier before they become a significant and costly repair. Also, by assessing the performance of your furnace during non-peak periods, your technician may be able to best identify any opportunities to increase the efficiency of your home heating system and reduce the risk of damaging wear and tear which could shorten the life expectancy of your furnace. Given the choice between an affordable repair or a costly replacement, as a homeowner, which option would you prefer?


For Your Peace of Mind

While the increase in do-it-yourself videos have populated the internet, to ensure that a thorough examination of your Edmonton furnace has been completed, it is recommended to enlist the services of a certified professional. Not only can you be assured that their training and experience will look for and detect all deficiencies, but it provides you with a documented record of maintenance performed, which may be handy to have at hand for either a warranty issue or a potential insurance claim at a later date.

It is less likely that you will find yourself in a situation where you are summoning a technician on an emergency basis due to a furnace failure by keeping up to date with scheduled maintenance visits, though should you find yourself in need of urgent attention, being able to draw upon the expertise and direct knowledge of your system when you need it most can also save you valuable time and best ensure that you’re back on track sooner.

If you have any questions about furnace maintenance and care, or if you would like to schedule a maintenance visit, we look forward to hearing from you. You can reach us by phone, e-mail or drop in and see us in person. Winter 2016 is being predicted by the Farmer’s Almanac to be the worst in recent memory. Is your furnace ready for that?

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