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Help! I Have A Furnace Emergency!

Waking up with a shudder or swinging your feet to get out of bed and touching an icy floor. These rude awakenings are a result of some homeowners’ worst nightmare: a furnace that has stopped working in the middle of the night.

A furnace emergency like that becomes more urgent every day that the temperature drops. While we always recommend having short-term heating solutions like space heaters ready, you shouldn’t be without your furnace for too long. But don’t panic. Here’s what to do in case of a furnace emergency.

What’s The Problem With My Furnace?

See if you can determine why your furnace has stopped working. Check that the power in your house is still working. Also try to turn up the temperature on your thermostat to see if that jump starts the furnace. Is your furnace running but only cool air is coming out? Is the warm air just not reaching some rooms? It is important to know precisely what the problem is to determine if you can fix your furnace or if you need to call for a repair.

Can I Fix My Furnace Emergency?

The next step is to determine whether you can correct your furnace problem and get your house warm and cozy again. If it is something like a blown fuse or tripped breaker, you can probably solve this quickly on your own. However, if your furnace problem is more technical or potentially dangerous, do not attempt to repair on your own. Furnaces are complex and powerful machines and an issue can be difficult to diagnose. We always recommend being safe and having an expert you can trust inspect your furnace if you are not fully confident in fixing the problem on your own.

Call To Schedule A Furnace Repair

It is critical to act fast to check your furnace, because you will want to call for a repair as soon as possible if one is necessary. Furnace Solutions offers 24 hour emergency service furnace repair in Edmonton so that you aren’t left in the cold. Call us and we can provide an honest diagnosis of your furnace issue and get to work fixing it sooner.

While you’re waiting for your furnace repair, try to make your home more comfortable. Ensure windows are properly insulated or add extra insulation to them. If you have space heaters or a fireplace, keep that heat in rooms you’ll be occupying by closing doors to unfrequented rooms. This may be a good time to visit friends or family for a few hours while your furnace is repaired.

If you’re concerned about your furnace or are in the middle of a furnace emergency in Edmonton, act now! Call Furnace Solutions today!

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