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Feature Friday: Trane S9X2

With these cooler temperatures we have been experiencing, it is time to consider testing your furnace. Before you know it the cooler weather will be here for the winter and the last thing we want for our customers is for their furnace not to start. This week we are featuring the TraneS9X2 as our Feature Friday. This North American made furnace is sure to take the chill off your home. Whether you’re in need of a new furnace or are considering upgrading to a more energy efficient furnace, the TraneS9X2 is a perfect solution.

Trane Furnaces

Trane has been producing furnaces in North America for many years. This company has built a trusted name amongst furnace manufacturers for producing powerful, durable equipment. Trane prides itself on considering the end user first, resulting in user-friendly features accompanied by practical functionality. With an office right here in Edmonton, Trane offers the affordability of a large manufacturer with local support to ensure customers are satisfied with their furnace.

TraneS9X2 Features

The TraneS9X2 offers a fuel efficient design that incorporates a 2 stage gas heat design. With the integrated Vortica™ II blower, the S9X2 operates much quieter than a regular furnace. Also, the S9X2 was crafted to provide more comfort and less temperature swing. With the functionality kept in mind during design, this furnace is both easy to install and service.

TraneS9X2 Technical Specifications

The re-designed cabinet platform allows this furnace to fit in tighter spaces. Reducing the amount of wasted space a furnace typically consumes. The S9X2 comes in various models, allowing users to choose their desired sizes and capacity. The smaller model has a capacity of 40,000 BTUH and ranges upwards of 120,000 BTUH, to heat the largest of homes. Having various features available allows users to customize their S9X2 in order to meet their desired needs.

This affordable furnace will surely meet the requirements to heat almost any residential home. Between the various features and energy efficiency of this furnace, you're sure to be amazed by this furnaces performance level. If you’re in the market to replace or upgrade your furnace, contact us today.

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