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Feature Friday: Trane CleanEffects

This week’s Feature Friday is the Trane CleanEffects system. This whole house filtration technology provides advanced cleaning that is up to 100 times more effective than standard, one inch thick filter sheet. This allows CleanEffects to maintain your indoor air quality and protect your home from more pollutants and other hazardous airborne substances. Learn more about Trane CleanEffects in this week’s Feature Friday.


Nothing stops a Trane. That slogan is well-earned in over 130 years of providing excellent HVAC services to customers around the world. Headquartered in New Jersey, Trane has an office located in Edmonton. Trane has brought its years of experience to the field of air filtration. In fact, the CleanEffects system was recently the first whole home air cleaning system to earn “asthma & allergy friendly” Certification from The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Allergy Standards Limited.

Why Use A CleanEffects Air Cleaner System?

The CleanEffects Air Cleaner can remove up to 99.98% airborne particles from your home. The removal of pollutants, bacteria and allergens provides a healthier environment and peace of mind. That this system is uniquely beneficial to those suffering from ashtma and allergies is clear through its unique certification. It should be noted, though, that everyone will benefit from clean air in their home.

The removal of airborne particles from the air offers you more than just healthy air to breath. Other benefits include less household dusting required, up to 50% less on average. The average home annually generates around 40 pounds of dust for every 1,500 square feet. That’s a lot of dusting time saved.

Finally, save time and money by not having to replace filters like you do on traditional systems. Instead of constantly buying and replacing your filters, with the CleanEffects system you just need to vacuum or rinse once every 3 to 6 months. Simple and inexpensive.

Features of Trane CleanEffects

The technology that sets this system apart is the revolutionary ifD charger. This delivers powerful cleaning with efficient airflow. The ifD corona field charges air incoming to the filter, causing particles to adhere to collection cells as air passes through the system. This power charge prevents clogs like you see in traditional filters. Since your HVAC system isn’t struggling with a clogged filter, it will last longer and work more efficiently.

The collection cells are innovative as well. They are precisely engineered to capture even the smallest particles, protecting your home’s air against even the tiniest invaders.

Like all Trane products, the CleanEffects system is made with a user-first strategy. It is easy to control and simple to clean.

There are a couple more bonuses to the Trane CleanEffects. The system operates so quietly, you likely won’t even notice it. Also, Furnace Solutions Edmonton offers a 10-year warranty on our Trane Clean Effects. That’s a decade of effortless enjoyment of clean air in your home.

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