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Feature Friday: The NEW Nest Cam IQ

Furnace Solutions is once again giving away a new Nest home automation product; this time it is the best home security camera available, the Nest Cam IQ. Just released in June 2017, if you’re looking to upgrade your Edmonton home security, this is the product for you.

What makes the Nest IQ a great product?

User-Friendly Technology

The Nest cam is easy to set up and even easier to use. The Nest app on your phone will alert you 24/7 if someone breaks into your home. Among many great features, the Nest app will show you a 3-hour snapshot history of everything that has happened within your home, make it easy to be quickly up to date and at ease.

Familiar Face Alerts

Nest, which is owned by Google, is incorporating its parent company’s artificial intelligence software to make facial recognition easier. This means you can label familiar faces and know or be alerted when they’re in the room. The improved recognition technology also makes it easier for the camera to differentiate between objects, large and small. So even if someone is running past your window quickly, they will be picked up. Ditto if your cat enters a corner of the room.


The Nest Cam IQ features a 4K camera sensor with HDR or high-dynamic-range imagine. These two features produce brilliantly clear images that show up in 1080p high definition. These upgrades on a home security camera are so new, Nest has renamed it “Supersight”. Always be crystal clear about what is happening in your home.

Beautiful Design

The Nest IQ is sleek and subtle. It fits seamlessly and beautifully into any home. Designed to be unnoticed by not to stand out if it is, you’ll be proud to have this Nest cam in your home.

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