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Feature Friday: Reznor UDAP

With nighttime temperatures in Edmonton dropping to single digits, and daytime highs not far behind (sorry), it is a good time to take stock of your home heating options. You want to ensure you’re staying warm and comfortable all winter long.

One often overlooked dimension of your home heating plan is the garage. We all want to be toasty in our homes, but consider that you may be storing items that are temperature sensitive, or still intending to use your garage as your workshop or games room. Though these spaces are typically less insulated than the rest of the house, a powerful space heater can keep your garage functional and help your car warm up faster. And they’re more affordable than you think.

If you’re looking for the right garage heater in Edmonton, consider the Reznor UDAP V3 line. You can find out more on these units, as they are this week’s Feature Friday.


Reznor is a part of Nortek Global HVAC, a company with over 125 years of experience in heating and air conditioning. Reznor was originally founded in 1888 in Pennsylvania by George Reznor. It is a well-trusted brand that has remained on the cutting edge of HVAC technology, producing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, condensing and other units.

Reznor V3 UDAP Garage Heater Features

All Reznor V3 UDAP units feature power venting, which reduces heat loss and saves money in the long run in fuel efficiency. The units are created to be not just powerful, but easy on the eyes so that you are comfortable installing them everywhere from garages to workshops to industrial spaces. They have been designed for maximum headroom as well, allowing for more walkable room in your garage. A bonus to these types of units is their ability to direct heat. This allows for customization, which is very practical for large spaces like garages that you may only need one corner of heated. Finally, the isolated fan and venter motors mean these units stay quiet, even within a confined space.

Reznor UDAP Technical Specifications

The Reznor UDAP V3 comes in a number of different models with varying heating capacity, allowing for residential, commercial and industrial use. Units up to the “125” are best for residential use. The number in each unit refers to its input heating capacity or MBH. All operate at a thermal efficiency of 82-83%, making them a great investment.

The Reznor UDAP models are an excellent choice for those looking to keep their garage warm this winter and for many winters to come. They feature cutting edge technology, such as single-burner combustion system, while also looking great and fitting into most household budgets. If you’re considering your heating options as the temperature starts to drop, contact the experts at Furnace Solutions. We have the experience to help you select the right unit and have it installed professionally.



When you’re getting your yearly furnace maintenance, have our experts check your garage heater for carbon monoxide. Chemicals, exhaust, and other harmful products in your garage could put you at risk.

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