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Qualify to Save Thousands for your next Home Renovation with a New Government Rebate

If you’ve been having problems with your hot water heater and are looking to replace it, the Alberta provincial government has just made things a whole lot easier and affordable for you. The stipulation is that the renovations that are made within the home must make your home become more energy efficient.

The program launched on April 28th on the Energy Efficiency Alberta website, along with a list of approved Alberta contractors that must be used to qualify for this rebate. Fortunately for all of you reading this blog: Furnace Solutions is an approved contractor to help you get more energy efficient and qualify for these rebates.

About Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Home Improvement Rebate program

This new rebate that you might qualify for is worth up to $3,500. Depending on what you are renovating within your home, the actually amount may differ. You can get back as much as $1,000 to upgrade to a more energy efficient water heating system, such as a tankless water heater.

You may qualify for $1,500 if you upgrade your windows, opting to swap out your current windows for triple-glazed windows. And if you are taking on a larger renovation and looking to change out the insulation in your home for increased energy efficiency, you can qualify for a maximum of $3,500.

Tankless Water Heaters

If you’re looking to take advantage of this rebate and swap out your old water heater for a new one, you might need to know some things about what you’ll be getting. A tankless water heater is covered under this rebate, and it gives your home the advantage of never running out of hot water. It takes up less space, wastes less energy, and gets hot water to you faster than a traditional water heater.

Not only can furnace solutions help you by installing the new tankless water heaters and removing the old, we now carry two new product series of gas tankless water heaters by Navien, a leader in condensed home comfort technology. These tankless heaters use existing ½” gas pipelines for installation, are Energy Star approved, and qualify for the rebate.

Connect With Furnace Solutions

Furnace Solutions offers top quality equipment of high efficiency hot water systems to give you the most energy efficient system coming into your home, saving you money and lowering your carbon footprint. And even better, as we mentioned above, we're also an approved contractor for this amazing rebate offer!

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