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What Are the Differences between Furnace Filters

Before you can simply compare the differences between your choices for a furnace filter on price alone, it is important to know what sets each variety apart from the others. Depending on the specific needs of your home, you may find that in Edmonton furnace filters are not all created equal when dealing with the uniqueness of our climate and air impurities. Especially in your home, this can be critically important.

Most varieties of furnace filters are disposable, but each offers a different set of attributes which may be important to your needs, especially in the case of allergies or other specific conditions which exist in your home.


Disposable fibreglass

A popular choice for the economical homeowner, this model is considered to be great for preventing large particles, dust and debris from entering the air stream in your home.


Disposable electrostatic

If you live in a home with someone who smokes, if you have pets or children then this choice may be one to seriously consider. Disposable electrostatic furnace filters are considered to be best for reducing allergens in the air as well as small particles. Though featuring a higher price tag than disposable fibreglass, if allergies are an issue in your home, this may be the best choice.


Disposable pleated

Though pleated filters are regarded to be the best product to eliminate mites and spores from the interior air in your home, these types of furnace filters do require to be changed more often than other models. If you are not attentive to scheduled replacement, left unattended, a disposable pleated furnace filter could cause damage with your building HVAC system.


Permanent electrostatic

If you are a person that is concerned with the annual replacement of disposable filters and feel that this solution is a waste of your money, a permanent filter may be the route to go. With a life expectancy of six to eight years, this filter can be easily cleaned in your household washing machine and put back into service. Interestingly, while this permanent model results in less waste, it has been found to be slightly less effective than a disposable electrostatic filter for allergens and small particulate matter.

Remember before you buy, to check the filter that you have in place for your furnace at the present time. Note what style of filter it is, but also pay attention to the measurements. It can be frustrating to get to the store to discover that there are a number of sizes of furnace filters to choose from. You can save a repeat trip by ensuring you know your filter size on the first trip.

Do you have questions about furnace filters and need to speak with someone who has expertise on this topic? At Furnace Solutions, we have worked with many homeowners to ensure peak performance of their Edmonton furnace filter to produce the best home air quality and furnace performance throughout the year. Call us, e-mail us or drop in to see us for the answers you need.

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