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Can I Repair My Own Air Conditioner?

Are you a certified air conditioner technician? Then you probably cannot repair your own air conditioner. The perceived benefits and potential cost savings of “DIY”ing your air conditioner repair are quickly outweighed by the challenges, dangers and risk of significant financial loss. A good rule of thumb is: if, without Google, you don’t know what a multimeter or a thermal expansion valve is, you shouldn’t attempt to repair your own AC unit.

Danger of Being Your Own Repairman

Often the most difficult portion of an air conditioner repair is properly diagnosing why the unit is not functioning properly. There are a number of symptoms that an air conditioner can exhibit, such as a loss in cooling ability, inability to start up, loss of airflow in the house or a frozen system. However, few symptoms have one definitive cause (or remedy.)

A DIY repair attempt is most likely to apply the wrong type of repair. And worst of all, you won’t know definitively that the problem is fixed or why. At best you may find a “band-aid” solution, but even then you may just be setting yourself up for more complicated repairs in the near future.

There is also your own health to take into consideration. Modern air conditioners tend to be large, complex cooling machines with many moving parts and high-voltage electricity coursing throughout it. There is risk of doing substantial short- and long-term damage to your health by tinkering unknowingly with this type of machine. Whether it be from electrical shock or a refrigerant burn, touching or tampering with the wrong thing can cause serious bodily harm.

Financial Risk

If you attempt to fix your own air conditioner and fail, or make things worse, you may risk your warranty. Warranties differ, but many include void clauses if the air conditioner is mishandled; i.e. worked on by an untrained technician.

But there could be more than just your warranty at risk. If you do further damage to your unit, the cost of repairing could increase. We see problems made significantly worse more often than not when we are called in after a DIY attempt.

What You CAN Do On Your Own

The best thing you can do on your own for your air conditioner is to properly maintain it BEFORE a problem occurs. Ensure you are employing heat prevention in your house so that your air conditioner is not overworked. Closing blinds to block out sunlight is a great example of a small measure that can have a significant impact on your air conditioners lifespan and performance.

You can also ensure you are regularly changing the furnace filter to prevent future problems and clean off any debris and dust on or around your air conditioner unit’s coils. These simple fixes can help ensure you don’t require more significant repairs in the future.

You’re going to need your air conditioner working at peak performance this summer. If you think it is having issues, or you’ve tried to fix it on your own but have been unsuccessful, contact us at Furnace Solutions. We’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your system is in the hands of an expert. Furnace Solutions will also get you back up and running with the best prices around. And, in the end, you’ll likely save a lot of time, and money!

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