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Do I Need to Follow a Furnace Maintenance Schedule Outside of Winter?

That moment you turn off your furnace for good, open the windows and let that fresh spring air in is always a happy one. Who doesn’t love summer? Forget cozying up, it’s time to get outside!

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Feature Friday: Ameristar M4AC

The end of summer is an excellent time to upgrade your air conditioning in Edmonton. You’ll get to enjoy a cooler home for the rest of the summer, skip the wait for installation ahead of next summer and have confidence going into 2018 that you [...]

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When Should I Start Thinking about Replacing my Furnace?

This may seem surprising now in August, but summer does, eventually, come to end. There will be a time in the not too distant future when you turn off your air conditioner for the year. And soon after that, you’ll be relying on your furnace to [...]

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Feature Friday: Trane XR13

If you’re thinking of Edmonton air conditioner upgrade this summer, the TraneXR13 is a great option. Manufactured to fit into a family’s budget without compromising power or capability, the Trane XR13 is one of the most popular air conditioners [...]

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Recently, we looked at Indoor Air Quality and why it matters. To recap, indoor air quality is a measurement of the amount of pollutants in or around a building. Generally speaking, the less pollutants in the air, the higher the indoor air [...]

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Feature Friday: The NEW Nest Cam IQ

Furnace Solutions is once again giving away a new Nest home automation product; this time it is the best home security camera available, the Nest Cam IQ. Just released in June 2017, if you’re looking to upgrade your Edmonton home security, this [...]

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Is It Worth It To Repair My Hot Water Tank?

Have you noticed your hot water tank not performing like it used to? Is water not as hot, taking longer to heat up or not sustaining its temperature? If so, you’ve probably already considered a repair or a replacement. It is important to remember [...]

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