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What is Indoor Air Quality and Why Does it Matter?

Homeowners and office managers alike are paying more and more attention to Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, as the risks posed by unclean air are becoming apparent. We are seeing a steady increase in the number of clients who are taking an interest in [...]

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What Should I Check before Calling for Air Conditioner Service?

Have you noticed your air conditioner isn’t running as usual? After a long winter, the warmer weather is finally upon us! Being buried under snow to now experiencing heat waves can take a toll on us and make us feel like the air conditioning [...]

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Nest Protect: Your New Favourite Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

When is the last time you paid attention to your smoke detector? What about your carbon monoxide detector? Our guess is that, unless you have actually had a fire, these (very important) fixtures only cross your mind when the batteries are low and [...]

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