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Can I Repair My Own Air Conditioner?

Are you a certified air conditioner technician? Then you probably cannot repair your own air conditioner. The perceived benefits and potential cost savings of “DIY”ing your air conditioner repair are quickly outweighed by the challenges, dangers [...]

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Why is my Air Conditioner Making Noise?

Your central air conditioner is likely one of the most valuable single assets on your property. During hot summer days, it is certainly one of the most important. So when you start to hear peculiar, loud or unidentifiable noises coming from your [...]

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Hot Water Tank vs. Tankless Water Heater, Which Should I Choose?

As families are placing increased importance on energy efficiency, the tankless water heater is growing in popularity. Whereas water tanks were previously the go-to for homes, we receive more inquiries about new hot water heaters every year.

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Is It Time For a New Hot Water Heater?

Like all major appliances, water heaters have a general best before date. However, what this date is varies greatly depending on a few key factors: what type of system it is, the manufacturer, usage and maintenance. It is an excellent time to [...]

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Nest Cam, The Ultimate Outdoor Video Surveillance Tool

At Furnace Solutions we are certainly experts in your heating and cooling needs, but there is more than meets the eye with this team. After being so impressed with the performance of the NEST Learning Thermostat, we decided to dive into their [...]

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